Skills and Qualifications needed to be a Web Designer

Published: 14th November 2011
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Web Designers are mainly responsible for creating, designing and maintaining the websites for any individual or any company.

To build and design a good looking attractive website, a web designer needs to develop some designing skills and qualifications. A web designer should have creativity in his/her thinking and designing and also an artistic vision for designs. Along with this, they should also have some technical skills to put this on computer programs to run the application. So in short we can say a web designer works on all aspects of a website which includes text, graphics, designs and also images.

The following skills listed below are a must for every web designer to be successful in his/her career.

A designer should able to write HTML codes, JavaScript and Action Script properly and efficiently.

He/she should able to work and program using the server side languages like PHP, ASP, and others.

They should be able to structure the large amount of data

He/she should be aware about the rules of typography and image editing to make best designs without any mistakes.

A web designer should strictly follow the accessibility guidelines and W3C guidelines.

Along with all these, he/she should also have a creative skill in writing the content and should have a skill to separate design from the content as well.

Other skills required are good interactive communication skills and excellent organizational skills.

He/she should also have the desire to learn new latest technologies.

Coming to qualifications required for being a web designer, there are many educational programs for learning how to create and build websites. These educational programs mainly focus on giving knowledge of designing, graphic designing and preparing layouts. There are also other programs which focus on programming, networking, website layout, writing the content, and many other basics which are actually required to be shown and needed at the time of interview to stand in the competition and to be included in the portfolio.

There are also many certificate courses which offer to provide the certificate on passing the exams which will cover the subjects like networking programming basics, web designing, graphic designing, and many other required to be a good designer. Doing these certificate courses, save a lot of time as you can learn the selected subjects comparatively in less amount of time and also saves a lot of money. Another benefit of going with these certificate courses is it increases the potential for financial earnings, provides more career opportunities and increases the chance of advancements.

It is must that a web designer is having a good sound knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is considered as the foundation of web design and it is required to have a qualification of HTML to get in to some firm or company as a web designer. HTML allows designers to create links, paragraphs, headers and lists. Secondly, CSS is used to give an attractive look to the website to appeal to clients as well as visitors as it is responsible for fonts, colors and spacing on the web pages of the website. Lastly, JavaScript is a scripting language which actually allows the programs access to other web based applications. Having a good knowledge of JavaScript will add up a benefit for a web designer in his/her career.

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